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A commotion erupts among the card players. ADA snaps “You’re peskier and dirtier than the botfly that wiped out the wooly mammoth!” The LJ Bandmate defends himself in a voice that suggests that he’s done his share of drugs.  The poetesses


JOEYY COMES… shock among some of the guests. Ada is excited. Peter pretends not to care.


They talk their business -some convo which will be relevant shortly down the line. Related to Terler - the JM - the gang.


Joeyy integrates enough for them to acknowledge Milos and Ariadna’s involvement and THE TARGET. He is the one who comes to threaten them when the funding wants better answers.


His hands are so elegantly held on top of each other as though they wrapped on an ibis bulb, the amber or opal mascot as the skull to a cane’s spine.


“Resist the urge to dominate when you first need to asses.” He bobbles his head, pinkies twitch. “Gentlemen, ladies,” nods and looks directly at ____, “my group work closely with JM. We need to maintain a



Joeyy leaves with a proposition or mission. Floating away, still facing the crowd, this time his head is slightly tilted.


The party resumes after the formal conversation. After all of that Ariadna and Milos feel comfortable enough to participate, but want to talk mostly to each other. Still, they are not rushing away.

( Milos and Ariadna have…. Decision to work with LJ. Curiosity about LJ. CLARITY ON NEXT STEPS: Hula Hut where he sees his earlier GF BRIT ORTIZ)



Joeyy walks past an emo kid flipping coins into the drainage pipe and into his CAR.  He drives to an industrial complex near a freeway, but less busy and central than Milos’ mechanic shop. There are patches of dense trees and shrub as often as industrial hangars and small warehouses with businesses like die casting, metallurgy, alchemy, etc.


He enters one labeled ESOTERICA CHEMICALS AND COSMETICS.  Terler (and Tai?) await him. They discuss and reveal that they are on their own team first, and their funny dynamic, and gout.


Milos and Ariadna -do some things together, including research and normal get to know you stuff. Ariadna’s secret comes out in mild research or some other image of the policeman. He gets pissed and leaves but texts ok I’ll see you at hula hut whatever.


Hula Hut… First see JM. Marc Livingood band. Brit? Himbos. Skull Island. Spy Kids. Robert Rodrigues. First and only time we feel he Austin mainstraeam drunken psychedelia. Crowleyian spiritual justification for being libidinal. Witch hat wearing christians get zombie ratchet compared to 6th street. JM comes in and talks to Britney. Has THE GUY and OTHER GUY who Ariadna recognizes with him. These are not the people he is slipping fentanyl to, and anyways, he doesn’t do so directly but through the latin kangz. Instead, this is the mind-manipulated crowd



Joeyy+Barrett moment without Milos and Ariadna, to connect cop to soccer team and gang and JM.






BETRAYAL - Joeyy betrays Carl to cops but doesn’t betray the jihad outright - because Terler has a gun to his head? Or Vice Versa?

They want to save the billionaire because they’ll get money out of it, but aren’t so federal as to betray the jihad. Or that’s precisely the federal element - sacrifice one guy to maintain eyes on the jihad. Then kill the rat bec

ause he’s discovered and save connect to group but also take the contract/lab from Terler. Then escalate with Tai killing him and taking it all with Terler’s GF. He’s been using BOTFLIES - little camera flies - to spy - we had seen everyone slapping flies off them earlier…. Reveal here (as connect to insult from earlier by Ada).






Ariadna and Milos lay on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Ariadna is distracted from her book (The Texture of Time by van Veen) by a (bot)fly, who she shoos from sleeping Milos and kills by trapping in her book. He senses her movement and wakes up slowly, then stretches, then turns to kiss her while lighting strikes the water behind them.

The end!


Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 10_edited_edit
Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 10_edited_edit
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